The New Batman Coaster Is Turning Stomachs at Six Flags Fiesta

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It's no secret theme parks love pushing the limits of technology and the contents of riders' stomachs. As if daring plunges and killer speeds weren't enough, the new Batman coaster at Six Flags Fiesta will send riders through 90-degree vertical drops and spin them faster than they can say, "Holy Smokes, Batman!" Not that that's hard, seeing how nobody actually talks that way. But still.
Back in September, word came that a new Batman coaster would be opening in 2015. Thanks to 360-degree rotating seats and new magnetic technologies, it promised to be the scariest coaster yet. Finally, the ride is ready to roll and will be pushing park goers into a new state of queasiness beginning May 23rd.


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Some brave souls have already taken the ride for a spin, very literally. POV videos are being released in bulk, feeding the needs of those who love to live vicariously. Just watching this thing work is enough to get the stomach in knots.

But you'll have to get out to San Antonio, TX to experience the stomach-lurching for yourself.

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