500 acres of muddin' monster trucks & party, y'all

Mudjam mainer

Honey Boo Boo ain't got sh*t on the Saint Lucie Mudjam; this puppy's got 500 acres of pure 'Merican, gasoline-burnin' monster-mudders hightailin' it through chest deep dirt-water, all the while gettin' hollered at by some beer-slammin', grillin'-out tailgaters who're having so much doggone fun, everyone fills their pants.

Mudjam Main 2

See now, the 4x4 rigs line the pits for the 1/4-mile races... but say you don't have a 4-wheeler? Then there's parkin' just yonder for your hybrid, you Yankee.

Mudjam Girl 1

Flag your ATV, and then flag down any babe that looks like this. Bikinis and boots 4 life, y'all.

Mudjam party bus

Find a seat on the local folks' big ass mud-mashers, 'cause remember rule #17: No Couches.

Mudjam Girl 2

Yeaaahhh buddy, cargo shorts are still in at Mudjam.

Mudjam Race

There're four classes of racin': 1) Unlimited Hill 'N Hole, 2) Bog Truck Hill 'N Hole, 3) Mud Consistency, and 4) Fastest in the Mud. But the most important thing to remember? "As the trucks get bigger, our mud gets thicker".

Mudjam Girl 3

If Daisy Dukes and sports bras are wrong, then you sure don't wanna be right.

Mudjam Night

Bring some camping gear for the weekend 'cause the jam goes from Friday-Sunday. At night, catch the "Fire Pit Truck/Buggy Party" and be sure to head over to the live music where "the stage gets wild" and everyone parties... 'cause no one likes a stick in the mud.