This guy lives in a 727 parked in the woods

Most people can't wait to get the hell off their plane and hurry back to their lives. Bruce Campbell (no, not the one from Evil Dead...everyone knows he lives in a sweet Oldsmobile), however, sees no difference between the plane and his home, as he's lived in a Boeing 727 in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon since 1999. And now, he wants to upgrade to a bigger plane.

The 64-year-old retired engineer and aviation geek has been living in a 1,066sqft jet for half of every year since 1999, after he decided to transform a scrap passenger 727 plane into a DIY aviation-themed apartment.

He spends the other six months of each year in Japan, where, in either Miyazaki or Tanegashima, Nippon, he has said he hopes to buy a retired 747 and convert it into a bigger, more luxurious home.

Campbell bought the 10 acres of land his plane sits on on for $23,000, and spent a further $100,000 on the old 727; on his website, Campbell estimates he's spent a total of $220,000 overall on the project. Still, that's about $50,000 less than the average price of a new home in the U.S.

Also, if you weren't paying attention: The guy lives in an airplane, parked in the woods.

Much of the jet's interior remains true to its past as a passenger plane, with the cockpit fully intact. Unlike this flashy private jet, however, Campbell's 153ft-long aircraft stays quite literally grounded. Dinner usually consists of microwave-ready meals and canned food -- perhaps a step up from actual airline meals. Campbell sleeps on a sofa-bed, uses the plane's working bathroom, and bathes in a shower he made himself.

Here's the plane he currently calls home:

Airplane Home - Boeing 727 from Even Quach on Vimeo.

For a closer look inside Campbell's jet, head to for a tour.

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