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Gaze in wonder at the many faces of the Winnie
The Winnebago company was formed in Forest City, Iowa in 1958 by the not-affiliated-with-the-band John K. Hanson. What happened next, no one could predict... multiple movie appearances, obscure song references, and a growing middle-class fan base skyrocketed this moto-monument to the top of American iconography. What better way to pay homage than to gaze nostalgically into the past... with a slideshow!

In the schema of classic travel recreational vehicles and trailers, Airstream might be the sleek icon that preoccupies the fantasies of men... but what of the Winnebago? It's the quirky, rusty everyman that's permeated the psyche and driveways of middle America whether we wanted it to or not. And while it might be the awe-inspiring Airstream that found its way into Dad's mental Pinterest board, it's the trusty flying "W" that faithfully takes him camping. So without further ado, it's time to stare into the many faces of...the Winnie
Prototypical family vacay Winnie.
Creepy, pseudo-NASA Winnie.
Trying-to-fit-in Winnie.
Come here, I have some candy Winnie.
Sun-bathing Winnie.
Plantation Winnie.
Environmental camo Winnie.
Kinda-like-the-Spaceballs-Winnie, Winnie.
Old pic of a new Winnie.
Multiple handsome Winnies.
Self-important advertising Winnie.
Actually a trailer Winnie.
Nicer than that apartment Winnie.
Biting the dust Winnie.

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