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A two-week Himalayan adventure through Nepal for 2/3 the cost
Voted one of NatGeo's top 10 treks, this intrepid excursion to Nepal will see you arriving at the Annapurna Sanctuary, where you'll acclimatize for a few days before hitting the Himalayas on a six-day hike. Check out Buddhist temples, teahouses, and even a rhododendron forest that'll look sick on Instagram with an Amaro filter. You're welcome.
Medical evacuation insurance's included, son!


A week-long culinary tour of Mexico for $700 off
Ever wanted to go to the Yucatán, swim in pools, drink drinks, and gorge yourself on authentic Mexican cuisine? Do it. In fact, do it as well as other awesome things, like city exploration, Mayan ruins, a cooking class, and experiencing what it's like to not be judged for taking a siesta in the middle of the day. It's awesome.
The whole deal includes six nights at a hotel, a plethora of classes and tastings, and transport around town.


A Swedish getaway at Luleå’s Winter Wonderland
Sweden's stocked with cool sights and hot locals; arrive in Stockholm, and uncover the culinary scene amidst the backdrop of world-renowned architecture and a million Swedish Fish jokes that'll inevitably kill it. When not keeping the entire Swedish population in stitches, do really manly, awesome things like dog sledding, snow hover crafting, and sleeping in a tree hotel.
The whole trip is six days, so you'll have more than enough time to think of some jokes by then... or at least to load up on Swedish Fish, as they're just delightful.



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