A totally off-the-grid Airbnbest

off-grid house

Unless you're blessed with the abundant talents of Ricky Bobby, getting off the grid can be hard -- that is, unless you hit up this amazingly low-tech-and-yet-modern AirbnBest in the So-Cal desert.

off-grid house fire

The whole house is self-powered by solar panels for both energy and hot water, while the sofas are apparently made from chicken-wire.

off-grid house kitchen

This place was actually the prototype for the pre-engineered system known as the "itHouse" (it's like the "it girl", but for houses) -- there are now nine more dotted around Cali.

off-grid house living room

As part of the whole itHouse strategy, "intentionally there is no television and no WiFi".

off-grid house bedroom

The space itself was "recently noted by Dwell as one of the 'Best Homes in America'". Um, they realize there's no TV, right??

off-grid house exterior

Despite being in a desert, they claim there're "several unique attractions nearby" incl. Joshua Tree National Park ...and if you still haven't found what you're looking for, it's probably because the streets have no names.