Getting kidnapped, hunted, and tortured... for fun?

Published On 08/06/2013 Published On 08/06/2013

You've swum with feral pigs in the Bahamas and surfed bulls in India. You eat "extreme" for breakfast, and are looking for the next big thrill. But have you ever planned your own abduction, trafficked drugs, or been hunted, all in the name of excitement? Well, France-based adventure travel outfit Ultimate Reality is unlocking your wildest dreams, and nightmares, by letting you get kidnapped, tortured, and ransomed. For fun.

Ever wanted to know what it'd feel like to be abducted without warning and held captive against your will? Firstly, lay off the Lifetime made-for-tv movies, and secondly, sign up for their Kidnapping package. They'll also throw in a bit of torture and psychological shock for added effect. This one-of-a-kind adventure travel experience allows you to create your own signature adrenaline-heavy scenario that is only limited by your imagination... and threshold for pain.

Another of their law-skirting packages allows you to either track or become The Most Dangerous Game -- yes, UR will allow you to hunt a person, or be hunted by them. Just keep in mind that you'll sign a liability waiver, making whatever they do to you for the next 4-6hrs totally legal.

Live GTA in real life, as you become a drug trafficking kingpin in the GoFast experience. You'll be given a speedy dope-running boat, some "product", and instructions on where to make the drop. Oh, and you'll also be pursued by their "security team" via helicopter.

Slightly happier experiences come in the form of this Be a Superstar package, where you'll be hounded everywhere you go, Lohan-style, by hoards of fans, paparazzi, and stalkers who're all played by actors (and therefore -- let's face facts -- quite possibly Lohan herself).

And finally, if being held hostage, hunted for sport, and busted for smuggling are too much for you, you can always play dead. Seriously, they also offer an undertaking (so to speak) where you wake up in a morgue, on an autopsy table, surrounded by corpses and body bags for a truly existential journey where you live your death. Enjoy your vacay!



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