Live like a castaway on your own deserted island

After watching more than a dozen iterations of Survivor (as well as that crappy Tom Hanks movie), think you've got what it takes to make it on a deserted island? Find out for sure by booking a real-life "castaway experience" and really get away on your next vacation.

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Spanish travel company Docastaway claims to be be the first travel outfit to specialize in remote desert islands, leaving you entirely to your own devices should you opt for their “adventure mode” (as opposed to the cushy “comfort mode”). All you'll be provided with is a spear gun, machete, and fishing materials, with walkie-talkies available in case of an emergency. Time to see what you're made of.

Siroktabe Archipelago -- Indonesia

Siroktabe Archipelago -- Indonesia
Size of your new kingdom: 0.4sqmi
Nearest humans: 3.7mi
Isolation level: Very high
Shelter: Tent
Highlights: White, sandy beaches, beautiful coral reefs, and lush, almost inhospitable jungles. You can choose to island-hop by boat with a guide who's charged with catching you fresh fish, or forgo the guide altogether and fend for yourself.
How nuts? 5/5 coconuts, if you choose to go it alone. There's no electricity, no fresh water, and no chance your fire-starting skills are as good as they were back in the '92 Scout Jamboree.

Mangrove and canoe

Tando Island -- Indonesia
Size of your new kingdom: 0.77sqmi
Nearest humans: 9.3mi
Isolation level: Medium
Shelter: Basic bungalow with shower
Highlights: This island boasts epic surf, and one of the longest secluded beaches in the world. You’ll actually be sharing it with a native tribe -- ask nicely and you could spend some time living among them. And don't worry: unlike these guys, 'human' isn't a local delicacy.
How nuts? 4/5 coconuts. You're an overnight ferry ride away from the nearest facilities, so we advise you to book your emergency evacuation well in advance.


Marooning Island -- Philippines
Size of your new kingdom: 0.77sqmi
Nearest humans: 20min by kayak
Isolation level: Low
Shelter: Bungalow
Highlights: Colorful coral reefs teeming with wildlife make for epic snorkeling, plus your own kayak allows for total freedom… to escape.
How nuts? 3/5 coconuts. You’re totally on your own on this very remote island, and will have to scavenge for food, and either catch your own fish or paddle to a nearby fishing village and barter for it.


This could be your dinner on any of the islands. If you're lucky. And skilled. Or, if you cave in and hire a guide.

girl and canoe

And this could be your co-castaway. If you're lucky. And skilled.