Pilot Diverts Flight to Save Dog's Life

Published On 09/16/2015 Published On 09/16/2015

Air Canada is now the official airline of pet lovers, thanks to a recent incident which saw the pilot of a flight from Tel Aviv to Toronto turn his plane around to prevent the death of a 7-year-old French Bulldog in the cargo hold. 

Simba, the Frenchie in question, was sitting comfortably in the belly of the Boeing 787 when the cargo hold's heating system suffered a mid-flight malfunction. As an aviation expert told CityNews, without that heating system, temperatures in the hold can potentially drop below freezing when a plane flies over the ocean, which would've Simba into a pupsicle by the time the wheels touched down in Toronto. Alright, so maybe he didn't exactly say that last part.

Fortunately, even though the interior temperature hadn't yet dropped below 66 degrees Fahrenheit, the pilot called an audible and swung the plane around, landing briefly in Frankfurt to allow Simba to be transferred to another Toronto-bound flight.

The little dude was ultimately reunited with his owner, unharmed, and although the flight was delayed by roughly 75 minutes, most passengers agreed it was the right thing to do -- probably the only time a flight delay resulted in people liking an airline more. Go Canada!

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