Airline Fires Flight Attendants for Being "Too Fat to Fly"

Published On 09/17/2015 Published On 09/17/2015

Given the level of training they go through, not to mention the crap they put up with from clueless passengers, flight attendants have a pretty difficult job. Even if flying around the world does soften the blow somewhat.

According to Air India, though, qualifications and skill seem less important than the size of the flight crew's waistlines, as the state-run airline announced it would be firing around 130 flight attendants for failing to align with its BMI standards -- in other words, for being too fat.

Following testing last year, the airline found 600 of its 3,500 flight attendants to be "temporarily unfit" for duty due to excessive BMI measurement (18-22 is the airline's acceptable range for women, 18-25 for men); the attendants were warned that unless they underwent a diet/lifestyle change, they would be terminated from service. Around 130 of those 600 failed their reassessment this year, and Air India has now declared them "permanently unfit."

Given the current public distaste for "fat shaming," this seems like something of a PR disaster, but Air India's justification for the punishment is pretty straightforward: “People who are fitter can respond quicker and more efficiently in case of any untoward situation.” You're not wrong, Air India, you're just an asshole.

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