The 14 Worst Decisions You Can Make While Flying

Some might say flying in and of itself is a bad decision these days. But for most of us, it's a necessary evil -- kinda like flossing and doing your taxes.

No matter how bad a flight gets, though, it can always be made a lot worse. And not just by getting stuck next to a crying baby/Alec Baldwin. No, you can actually make it worse -- by making one of these 14 terrible decisions.


Taking the aisle seat on a red-eye

Fact: Flight attendants actually camp out in the back of the plane and wait for people to JUST doze off before coming through with the beverage cart.

Packing a hundred pounds of clothes in your carry-on

You would absolutely spend $25 to not have to lug that bag from Gate A3 to Gate Q76 during your 30-minute layover at DFW.

Eating airport sushi

“Locally sourced” sounds delicious until you think about how far Sioux City is to the nearest ocean.


Making any important decisions during the flight

Nothing encourages level-headed rationality like thin air, tiny seats, crying babies, and the perpetual smell of fart.

Drinking a giant soda right before departure

It’s the best way to guarantee you hear the captain say, “We'll be 28th in line for takeoff.”

Getting belligerent with TSA

You may be surprised to learn that the nice lady in the blue uniform shirt doesn't actually write federal aviation regulations. So asking her “why” you have to do anything makes you sound like a four-year-old who doesn’t want to put away his Power Rangers.


Drinking too much on the plane

If you thought your luggage took forever to come out at baggage claim before, try waiting for it after you've had a few. 

Forgetting to clean out your carry-on bag

You MAY have forgotten to take out that half-empty bottle of Powerade from the gym, and have to go back through the x-ray line. You may also have forgotten to empty your bag after your last trip to a pistol range/reggae concert and find yourself a guest of the airport for an undetermined amount of time.

Wearing jewelry and/or complicated shoes

Yes, you look gorgeous in your 14-buckle, thigh-high boots and arm full of bangles. But there’s nothing sexier than a woman who can get through airport security in under 20 minutes.

Underestimating the security lines

They are only slightly less predictable than airfares. Or departure times. And nobody whose job it is to ensure the safety of millions of passengers cares if your flight leaves in 10 minutes.

Not tipping the skycap

Looking like a cheapskate at the end of a meal is one thing. It’s quite another at the beginning of a three-connection flight where your bag could just as easily end up at your destination as it could in Abu Dhabi.

Berating the gate agent

They are front-line customer service agents. Not airplane mechanics or magical wizards who cast spells over the weather. So expecting them to fix your delay is like asking your maid to repair a broken dishwasher. What they can do, however, is make sure seats to your destination are completely full until next Saturday.

Not wrapping your suitcase when traveling to a "developing" nation

Your clothes are probably more valuable than the “Seattle Seahawks, Super Bowl XLIX Champions” t-shirts everybody in town is currently wearing.

Thinking a 30-minute layover is enough

If you’re seated in row 20 or higher, your flight will leave before you’re off the plane.

Making jokes

There are, believe it or not, still people who think jabbing with TSA about that bomb hidden in their Aquafina bottle is downright hilarious. Yep. Hilarious like 12 hours in a holding cell.