Stay in a gas station with actually affordable prices

converted gas station

Looking for a good place to relax and refuel in New Orleans? The look no further, because this Bayou St. John gas station has been completely refurb'd & re-fitted as a house, and you can stay there. Inside, the whole space is over 2000sqft of open, wall-less space. It's located next to a streetcar stop, and less than 2mi away from The French Quarter (isn't that like half a Euro or something?).The upper floor is actually made out of the original hydraulic lift, and there's a full kitchen, with all the usual amenities (gas burners, broiler, washer/dryer, flying red horse, etc.).Along with the new, there are some authentic touches, like the vintage pump to ensure you're passing gas all day. Of course the bed has the tail of a car above it. The grill, however, has been reserved for the roof deck. That bath tub? It's a jacuzzi. And those lights are headlamps. Time to get pumped.

inside a converted gas station
converted gas station living room
converted gas station kitchen
converted gas station sofas
converted gas station bedroom
converted gas station deck
converted gas station bathroom