Hibernate in Granada

Unless you were recently thawed free from a giant block of ice, you probably wouldn't be friends with Pauly Shore haven't spent much time living in a cave. Enter Cave House Sacromonte: a whitewashed dwelling located inside of the Granada Flamenco Caves whose modern amenities hide its 17th century origins (the 1600s being a time when it was still cool for guys to Flamenco).Once you find it, look across the cobblestone path and judge the crap out of your cookie cutter neighbor's house.You'll figure out real fast not to leave anything under the bed.Soak up all the elements -- as in, like, minerals -- in the over-sized tub.The kitchen has been touched-up with modern appliances that would confuse the hell out of Brendan Frasier. And not because he once played an unfrozen caveman.End every evening kicking back in the living room using the wifi and sippin on a little red wine, unless you're on the cave man diet, in which you're apparently just eating flies.