Stay in a star-gazing Chilean geo-dome

Seeing stars on your holiday means you either a) met the likes of Naomi Campbell, or b) annoyed the likes of Naomi Campbell… or c), went to Chile's Elqui Domos, an "astronomic hotel" (the only one in the Southern Hemisphere) situated in a spot renown for its sharp, clear skies, pleasant weather, and close-to-zero light pollution.

The rooms consist of seven geodesic domes perched atop a hill, so once you get there, you'll be in shape.

The second story sees a double bed below a detachable roof from which, depending on the time of day, you can either see millions of stars, or just that one really bright one.

Each dome gets its own terrace, plus a mini-bar, free tea & coffee, specialized astronomic literature (finally!), and …does that dome have a face?

You can rent a car, a bike, or go on a nighttime horse ride, and there's even this pool if you fancy taking a big dipper.

If you're game, they'll give you an hour "tour of the stars", though you'll inevitably get left behind at Betelgeuse and have to book it for several light-years to get back to the group.

In the giant main dome, they've got an out-of-this-world resto, plus a BBQ on the outside patio, making this place pretty stellar.

They also have a range of telescopes which guests are free to use.

And last but not least, the whole place has free WiFi, because no matter where you are, you've just gotta see Naomi Campbell.