Stay in Frank Lloyd Wright's son's greatest achievement

Going into your father's profession can lead to a healthy rivalry (who's the better Nascar driver? Who invaded Iraq better?), and that's why Frank Lloyd Wright Jr designed the hell out of this palatial, built-to-impress LA home that you can now rent for yourself on Airbnb.Locals call it the "Jaws House", because the front resembles a great white, but it also can be construed as an ancient temple, depending on which Spielberg franchise you prefer.Everything's built around this central courtyard, which totally copped the style of the Mayans, a people known for their architecture, fire pits, and illuminated jacuzzi-swimming pools. The whole thing is 6000sqft. This is the living room, which is ironic, because it's also where the Black Dahlia may have been murdered (the actress, not the James Ellroy book) by the original owner (and prime suspect). And that's not idle speculation: that's the theory of an LA detective who happened to be his son. Yup. If the master bedroom looks like something out of the movies, that's because it is. Specifically, The Aviator, and, more importantly, The Rocketeer.This room? The one about the size of your actual bedroom? This is the closet.There's a saltwater aquarium built into the wall of the library, because... why not?There's also this grand piano, a free-standing spa-soak tub, a steam room, a koi pond, a home-theater system, and Wi-Fi. Who's your daddy now?