So, um, where to begin? These Rotterdam houses are like your standard, run of the mill, garden variety cube-shaped houses, except someone has picked them up, and balanced them on one of their corners. These cool pillar things are what prevent them from falling over, making them look like house-popsicles. The houses have three floors (all of which are horizontal!). The kitchen has an espresso machine, magnetron (which is both Dutch and Awesome for "microwave"), and the distinct feeling that MC Escher designed the place. In a bedroom shaped like dice, it's pretty difficult not to get lucky. Caution: living room may cause dizziness. It's all located on the canal, and is next to one of the most resto-heavy districts in the city -- perfect for a square meal.

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1. The Cubehouse Overblaak, Rotterdam, 3011 MH

This cubehouse, located in the center of Rotterdam -- 50 minutes to the center of Amsterdam by train -- has 3 floors, 360 views, and plenty of 90 degree angles.