This converted water tower is way cheaper than a hotel

Unless you're a particularly enterprising hobo, living in a water tower might not sound like the greatest thing... until you're in this London-based number that's been fully, and awesomely, converted by a local designer.

water-tower house

Ahhh, take a look at that tower... proudly overlooking West London's Notting Hill; home to some of the city's best restos, stores, and bumbling romantic comedy leads (as is our understanding).

water-tower house stairs

All of the three floors are connected by spiral staircase, with the top floor seeming a lot less easy to balance on for some reason...

water-tower house bedroom

This is the master bedroom; the whole thing clocks in at over 5,000sqft, or 7,000gallons, however you want to look at it.

water-tower house bedroom

The second bedroom is filled with designer goods (from the dude who built the place), and a comforter apparently constructed in Minecraft.

water-tower house globe

Also, this giant globe for some reason... probably to illustrate how worldly his designs are.

water-tower house

The tower's also equipped with a terrace & a fully fitted kitchen, and yes, it costs less to crash here than most places in the neighborhood... unless you just happen to be a particularly enterprising hobo.