A six-bedroom villa you can only get to by boat

Currently the only thing you have in common with Richard Branson is the whole virgin thing. Which is fine; she'll come along one day, man. But if you want to speed up the process, try livin' like Mr. B and treat yourself to this private Caribbean island abode known as The Ark: a 10,000sqft monster bungalow with direct access to the stark white beaches of the archipelago islands of Islas del Rosario and San Bernardo.Cruise out to your humblebrag abode on one of the two boats available for your private use. Grab a kayak to cruise around giving the locals a little gun show.Napping after a big day of kayaking doing nothing comes easy on the beach with these hammocks.The villa is big enough for the whole family of Robinsons, and each of the six bedrooms comes with ocean views & something those Swiss jabronis could only dream of: air conditioning!And with a slight island decor theme, the living room's a fine place to kick back, drink a non-virgin beverage, and daydream about losing your own.