The Absolute Worst People to Ever Fly on an Airplane

passenger shaming
Daniel Fishel/Thrillist

There was a time when people dressed up to go on an airplane. Now you're lucky if people even get dressed at all. We wish we were joking, but take a look at the hit Instagram @passengershaming, and you'll see that passengers with no shirts is only the beginning of the disgrace. When we wrote the unwritten rules of flying, we wrongly assumed "wear pants" was a given.

We took a look through the Passenger Shaming archives to find the worst-of-the-worst behaviors of airplane passengers. Don't be one of these people. But maybe sneak a photo of them. 

Armrest. Toe-raise bar. Tomato, tomahto.

"Courtesy" being a relative term

Babies who can't follow the "fasten seat belt" sign

When Blazing Saddles can't be confined to one tray table

Manspreading: It's not just for the subway anymore

Ab day knows no vacation

And they say Gogo is too slow for streaming...

In-flight lap dance FTW!!!

Courteously leaving the newspaper for the next guest

Eyes bigger than stomach at the in-terminal Qdoba

When putting it in the toilet is too much effort

That's not Coke Zero

Wonder why the tray table is the dirtiest part of the plane?

Just your average, everyday comfort duck!

And your average, welcoming ransom note!

Remember when people dressed up for planes?

Thigh tats at eye level are only acceptable in roadside strip clubs

She still opted for the pat-down

Pretty sure we saw this on Animal Planet

Getting rid of toe fungus won't make your plane any less delayed

Fun fact: At JFK, employees must also wash their feet before returning to work

Not even sure how one gets in that position

And the most shamed passenger behavior: feet

Believe this is called a "felfie"

Airline fashion at its finest

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Matt Meltzer is a staff writer at Thrillist. He, too, will shame passengers at will on his Instagram: @meltrez1.