The easiest way <em>ever</em> to fall asleep on a plane

Woman Sleeping on Plane

Don't spend your next restless overnight flight trying to fall asleep to classic reruns of Mad About You when you can drift into a deep slumber thanks to Airsleep, a recently dropped (and currently free) travel sleep app that uses "patented Dreamwave Brainwave technology" and the soft soothing sounds of Dustin Hoffman's voice the desert breeze to lull you hypnotically to sleep and ensure you remain knocked out for the duration of your flight.

Using Airsleep iPhone App

How's it work?
While on the surface it may sound like little more than an app that plays nature sounds, AS actually (at least according to their late-night infomercial-esque web site) uses wizard science "blends ambient sounds with low tones to activate delta waves using binaural beats" in an effort to "trigger your brain's 'deep sleep' response." So there. Although you probably won't even know that's happening behind the scenes because, man, those are some calming ocean waves.

Airsleep App Screen Shots

Easy to use?
You could say that. After waiting for the "It's safe to use electronic devices on this flight" announcement, simply select one of three sleep programs including Rainy Day, Beach Sleep, and Desert Wind (or download others like Monk Chant, Amazon Rainforest, etc.), and adjust both the amount of time you want to doze and type of alarm (Harps, Xylophone, Gong) you wish to gently rustle you from restful slumber when it's time to land. That's it. Literally. From there, hit "Start" and fall asleep dreaming about something other than that "hilarious" episode where Paul accidentally loses his passport at the airport.