Buy one of America's best dive bars -- get the entire town

If you're in the market for a town like Swett, South Dakota, you might want to save your money for a slightly pricier spot with a better name. And a much better bar. 

Sure, it's more than triple Swett's asking price, but for $1.5 million, all 30 acres and 15 buildings of Aladdin, Wyoming (population: 15) can be yours -- including a home and a 118-year-old general store. Sure, a general store doesn't sound all that exciting... until you find out one of the best dive bars in the entire country lives inside.

Now that's worth the price of admission.

And as Judy Bengle, Aladdin's current owner who maintains the general store with her husband, told the Gillette News Record, the place is basically just a liquor store. 

"You can drink on the porch or anywhere on these 30 acres”, she said. 

Not to mention, it has one of the few honesty bars left in the US, which allows you to drink all the liquor first and then tally your total at the end. Effectively, you get your own personal drinking paradise.

The Bengles have owned the old coal-mining town, tucked between Belle Fourche, South Dakota, and Devil's Tower National Monument, since 1986. "We bought this place because I had empty-nest syndrome", Bengle said. "All our kids had gone to college, so my husband bought me a town".

Some people buy dogs. Others buy entire towns. But one thing's for sure: If you buy Aladdin and start running a general store, you'll be entering a whole new world.