A Balinese paradise next to an active volcano

Made up of 17.5 thousand islands and counting, Indonesia has lots of two things: active volcanoes, and beachfront property. For the one of those things that can help you chill, head to Alila Villas Soori, whose 48 oceanside villas abut three restos and an extensive spa. The resort's slapped squarely between volcanic black sands leading into the Indian ocean, and a huge rice paddy, which you can tour. On a Segway. There's comp WiFi throughout, plus 24hr chauffeured cars in leu of taxis, so you'll get both kinds of router. The villas each have a private plunge pool, king-size beds, private terraces, flatscreens w/ Apple TV, and "indoor and outdoor rain showers", which isn't that impressive during monsoon season.Each spot also has an on-call butler, and they'll call before you arrive to discuss what level of service you're after, from "discreet", to "very attentive". The trio of eateries include this classy tasting menu spot and an iPad-filled snackery, but they'll also throw a beach BBQ on request. And you know that coffee made from beans eaten and excreted by the Asian Palm Civet? They serve that too, meaning you can say "this coffee tastes like s**t" and have it taken it as a compliment.There's a huge spa with staff all trained up in "anatomical & physiology massage, meditation and service", excellent for getting that poo coffee out of your mind. Before knocking off for the night, take a dip in their infinity pool, which looks out onto the ocean filled with almost as many islands.