Actually, it's totally not a loft. It's a nice hotel.

Make telling people where you're staying in Mpls a Who's-On-First-ian excercise in semantics by staying at the Mississippi River-side, Euro-mod Aloft. "Cool. Which loft?" ALOFT. You get it.

Go there quick because the lobby lounge is so full of trend-forward contemporary stylings that you'll be declaring it sooooo 2010 in no time

WXYZ, the lobby bar, is appropriately boozey

Sometimes they even have live music there

Get sweaty here then take a dip in their pool, but rinse off in the shower first, because you should really only do one gross thing in a pool at a time, and you know you're going to pee

The uber-compartmentalized, Euro-inspired rooms might not be massive, but they've got rad views of cultural landmarks like the neighboring Guthrie Theatre

Oh, snap! They also have mod bathrooms

Photos: Aloft Minneapolis