Heathrow Airport Just Threw Out Alyssa Milano's Breast Milk

Published On 04/09/2015 Published On 04/09/2015

Of all the things that could get confiscated from your carry-on, breast milk probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Unless you're actress Alyssa Milano, that is.

Earlier today, officials at London's Heathrow Airport seized her hard-pumped milk as she passed through airport security (or possibly through customs; nobody seems to know for sure). And as you can imagine, Milano -- who has a three-year-old son Milo Thomas and a seven-month-old daughter Elizabella Dylan, neither of whom were with her -- was not charmed by the incident, and took to Twitter to complain:

While breast milk isn’t exactly dangerous contraband, as with other liquids, you’re only allowed to board a plane (or enter the country?) with a limited amount -- unless you're traveling with your baby. In which case, you can bring as much as you want, 'cause you know, that's exactly when you need it -- when your breast is available and open for business.

In this case, the rules at Heathrow Airport require that all liquids in a carry-on bag are under 100ml (or 3.4oz); unfortunately, Milano was carrying more than double that amount.

Heathrow explained more on Twitter:

Though it's unclear why Milano's milk (sounds like a legit dairy company, no?) had to be poured out, or why she wasn't encouraged/allowed to separate the milk into smaller batches, one thing's for sure: guidelines on flying with breast milk probably need to be a little clearer.



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