The 10 most popular states to visit in America

If you've ever been sitting at the bar debating which states people visit the most, and you said Vermont, 'cause, like, you love Stratton and everybody goes skiing there, you were way off. Sorry. 

Travel aggregator HotelsCombined crunched data from more than 87,000 hotel bookings across the country and ranked the states in order of most to least visited. The top three? California, Florida, and Nevada, while Nebraska, Vermont (yea, you were waaayyy off), and West Virginia rounded out the least popular spots. The study also showed which states are the most/least interested in travel, in general -- DC ranked no. 1, while the folks up in Maine are placed at no. 51, apparently showing no desire to see what life's like south of the Kittery outlet malls.

Lastly, the the site revealed the top domestic destination for residents from each state. Among the highlights: Alaskans like to visit Hawaii, Hawaiians like to visit California, and nobody likes to visit Rhode Island. 

Check out the infographics below for the full rankings.