Travel to Amsterdam for the 2013 Cannabis Cup

Sure, Nancy Reagan might have said, "Just say no to drugs", but let's face it, if you're having a conversation with drugs, it's probably too late. It's not too late, however, to get your ass to the High Times Cannabis Cup this Fall, an annual competition where only the most uncompetitive and laid-back stand a chance at winning... and which is totally legal.

Legal, you say? Well, it's in Amsterdam -- a city so surreal-y beautiful that it's almost a shame people have to get stoned in order to enjoy it.

And within that glorious setting is this glorious setting: the Cannabis Cup. Taking place over Thanksgiving (11/24-28), the CC is the world's preeminent marijuana expo, and functions a lot like a beer fest... only with pot. It's four days of all things Mary Jane, from cultivation seminars, to cafe trade booth browsing, to live music, to paraphernalia demos, to activism sessions with High Times editors and some "major cannabis celebrities".

Here are some actual Cannabis Cups... because apparently there's a type of high-functioning highness wherein you have the wherewithal to hand out actual awards.

And sometimes at the Cannabis Cup, the cups are actually filled with cannabis.

But mainly it's just canning jars... by the THOUSANDS.

Flight attendants are here to remind you when you can finally use portable electronics... once high.

It's not uncommon for those in paid attendance (50 Euro/day) to get to partake in free samples and demos. On a related note, it's not uncommon for the hats of those in paid attendance to act strangely after a while.

Keep feeling like this is all a little bit too illicit? Just a reminder, in Amsterdam it is so legal that, when you enter, they take your photo on the red carpet only if toking.

We're not sure what this thing is, but we're pretty certain that guy on the ground is using it to smoke.

This happens there.

This thing in which cannabis looks a lot like another vastly more nefarious drug also happens there.

Swear to god we don't know what's going on here.

And furthermore, Susan, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to learn that all four of them habitually smoked gigantic tubes full of pot vapor marijuana cigarettes... REEFERS.

So, yeah, if you're into all this, it's totally something that you could/should go to... unless when you smoke you end up like this guy, in which case you should be saying no to a lot more stuff.