An Android Robot Peeing on the Apple Logo Is Hidden on Google Maps

Published On 04/24/2015 Published On 04/24/2015
Google Maps

Google Maps has plenty of hidden Easter eggs, from a worldwide game of Pac-Man to a virtual hunt for the Loch Ness Monster. But the site's latest doodle appears anything but playful, as an Android robot p*ssing on the Apple logo is hidden on a map of Pakistan.

The image appears on the site near Rawalpindi, Pakistan, where someone clearly wasn’t impressed by the Apple watch. A short distance away, to the East of the pee-soaked Apple, a message that reads, “Google review policy is crap,” next to a sad face, is visible on zooming into a green field. :( indeed.

Despite being picked up on Cult of Android and The Verge, the mysterious cartoons are still showing up on the site, though they likely won’t be there for long. "The image, which apparently was by an end-user helpfully 'suggesting' an edit, has now been removed," according to a Google spokesperson, cited by the Guardian; Google added that the Android figure will "be disappearing from Google Maps shortly.”

Check them out while you can. And in case they're already gone, you can see screen grabs below.

Maybe whoever embedded these images just really loves Internet Explorer?

Google Maps
Google Maps



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