Weird aphrodisiacs from around the world


If you thought oysters were the most gag-inducing food that can get you in the mood, this list of remedies from the far stretches of our planet will turn your stomach -- even if the delicacies really would turn your crank.

Tiger penis
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Tiger penis
Tiger poaching is out of control, and it’s largely due to the huge market for tiger wang in Asia. The Chinese, South Koreans, and Taiwanese swear by its ability to increase male libido and stamina. Tiger dong soup, anyone?

Vetiver Aromatics
Snake Wine in Vietnam.
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Snake wine
Pick your poison: rice wine steeped with whole snake and spice, or rice wine mixed with snake fluids -- blood, bile, the works. Both reportedly will get the job done (cure a low libido, that is). Best part is, assuming you have a dead snake lying around the apartment, you don’t even have to travel to Vietnam or China to buy a bottle; here’s a DIY at-home recipe.

Spanish fly
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Spanish fly juice
The secretions of a particular fly, the Blister Beetle (or Spanish Fly), has been used to arouse the masses since the Beastie Boys first rapped about it in "Brass Monkey" Julius Caeser's time. Doing a shot of beetle juice doesn’t sound terrible, until you consider that if applied to the skin, the liquid causes irritation and swelling. There’s also a chemical in the juice that causes Viagra-like side effects… but not the good ones; more like the kind where you end up embarrassed in the ER or on the phone with your doctor.

Casu Marzu

Casu Marzu
While this Sardinian sheep's milk cheese might seem harmless at first glance, know that it’s commonly referred to as "Maggot Cheese". For good reason; after the pungent pecorino is aged, “cheese flies” take over and lay eggs in that bad boy. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae start eating and digesting the savory delight. You are then suppose to spread said larvae-infused cheese on a Ritz. Not a turn-on for you? Weird.

Rhino horn
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Rhino horn
Ground rhino horn powder is in high demand in China, and it’s rumored that the going rate for a horn on the black market is somewhere in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Silly Chinese. If only they knew that the rhino horn is made of the exact same keratin protein that's found in human fingernails, they could do sex all the time. And have amazingly well-manicured fingers, to boot!

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Cobra blood
Aside from it being one of the main draws of Thailand's annual armed forces event, Operation Cobra Gold (where 13,000 soldiers take survival courses, train, and, naturally, drink cobra blood), the stuff's said to be an aphrodisiac that'll also heal almost any ailment.