Where to Get the Best Waffle Fries You'll Ever Eat

Christy Campbell & Thrillist Video
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Hot dogs and cold beer is the simple, unassailable slogan at Frank. (Heck, the restaurant's very web address is HotDogsColdBeer.com.) If they ever decides to expand it, they could do worse than hot dogs and cold beer and Reuben fries.

The creative dogs here draw people in from the Warehouse District till midnight, to nosh on dogs stuffed with such critters as antelope and gator. Even at such a legendary local spot, not everyone knows the monstrous sides of fries constitute a full meal in their own right. The best seller is the Reuben fries, dressed with melted Swiss, sauerkraut, corned beef, and Thousand Island. It's also known to run mad fry-ntist specials with themes like hamburger and Big Red-braised brisket.

Naturally the fries taste better the later it gets, but early risers on Sunday get treated to some bonus tunes courtesy of a live DJ spinning funk and soul on vinyl. The plates of potato aren't the restaurant's only hot platters. -- Dan Gentile, Thrillist contributor

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