Anyway, Here’s a Golf Course in Australia With 300 Resident Kangaroos

I will not pretend to understand golf. I am aware that the sport (?) has a wide appeal, but most golf courses become travel destinations because of some sort of added incentive. This could be a fancy country club dinner, or a nice view of the ocean, or the presence of 300 eastern grey kangaroos.

Anglesea Golf Course is an 18-hole course about an hour and a half southwest from Melbourne, along the coast. You can go there to golf, yes (around $20 USD for nine holes; $38 USD for 18). There’s also a driving range (around $5 USD for 40 balls; $8 USD for 80) and a mini-golf course (around $10 USD per game for adults; $7 USD for children under 12). Also a nice clubhouse, with a deck you can sit on while you take the edge off your jet lag by looking at all the kangaroos as they jump around or fight or have sex. Golf courses being pretty ideal kangaroo habitats, this one has been home to hundreds of them for years now. You just kinda … golf around ’em.

The southern coast of Australia is a famously gorgeous drive that you should absolutely do on your own if a rental car fits into your schedule and budget, but you can also grab a free shuttle to Anglesea on Friday and Saturday nights depending on where you’re coming from.

No no, just go ahead. Sink the putt. Go on. | Andreas Gebhard/Photodisc/Getty Images

You’ll also see a few ’roos (trying it out, stay with me) sporting collar and ear tags; they’re monitored by researchers at Melbourne University. The club was already well-known for its resident kangaroo mob when I passed through in early 2015 while backpacking, but it has since wisely monetized its signature attraction by offering kangaroo tours. A volunteer will drive you around in a golf cart, hitting all the favorite hang-out spots and imparting Kangaroo Facts as you take photos. “Kangaroos are very social animals,” reads Anglesea’s website, “but it’s important to remember that they can also be quite aggressive if they feel threatened.” Relatable content! Tours are around $8.50 USD ($3.50 USD for kids) and last 25 minutes.

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