Clooney and Redford call this home, sort of

The Avenue Suites in Georgetown doesn't need your star rating, as portraits of famous actors from Paul Newman to Al Pacino gracing it's boutique lobby walls, watching as you decide whether to enter the contemporary cocktail lounge or head to the fire-pitted outdoor terrace.Take load off in one of the many "lobby pods", or just stand there and lose to Painted Mia Farrow in a staring contest.All of the 124 suites come with a fully equipped kitchen and two separate vanity areas, a.k.a., flexing stations. Not to be confused with an Iraqi Province, ABAR serves up small-plates of wine-marinated strip steak, and craft cocktails like the devilishly good-looking bourbon/cherry cider/Carpano Clooney.After wrapping your hands around your drink, head out to the lush ivy-walled, umbrella'd outdoor terrace with multiple fire pits, as if things weren't hot enough with you holding onto Clooney.