Forget Sochi: the 9 most ridiculous toilets in the world

Where to begin poking fun at Sochi and the myriad blunders of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games? This picture of the public bathroom stalls, tweeted by BBC correspondent Steve Rosenberg, is a great place to start! Unless tandem pooping is a new Olympic sport, we have no idea what the Russians were thinking. So here's a list of bathrooms that are infinitely better. And that people might actually use.

Sofitel Queenstown bathroom

Sofitel Queenstown -- Queenstown, New Zealand
Just try to keep from going pee-shy when life-sized models are laughing, pointing, and busting out the measuring tape.

Bangkok airport
Flickr user chris beckett

Suvarnabhumi Airport -- Bangkok, Thailand
Same sense of humor in Bangkok. Can you imagine a US airport ever doing something like this? 

The Shoji Tabuchi Theater bathroom

Shoji Tabuchi Theatre -- Branson, MO
This lavatory is so luxe, it won America's Best Restroom Award in 2009 (no, really).

Tuba toilet
Wirtshaus Goldener Sternen

Wirtshaus Goldener Sternen -- Freiburg, Germany
Toilet tuba takes on a whole new meaning here.

Mick Jagger Lips urinal
25 Hours Hotel The Goldman

25hours hotel -- Frankfurt, Germany
Taking care of basic bodily needs has never been so rock 'n' roll.

Toilets at Sodoma, Reykjavik
Flickr user Greg Neate

Sódóma -- Reykjavík, Iceland
For Icelanders, taking a whizz has never felt better. Why? Because those smiling faces they're defiling are pics of the former bankers who legged it out of the country after its financial crash.

UFO Bar Bratislava

UFO -- Bratislava, Slovakia
This super-lavish restaurant goes back to basics in the bathroom.

Columbia Tower bathroom
Foursquare user Jen B.

Columbia Center -- Seattle, WA
Stalls with a view like the ones on the 76th floor (some of the tallest in the world) make us understand why the toilet's sometimes called a throne.

coffin urinal
Flickr user Christopher Kirk

La Juguetería -- Bogotá, Colombia
Kind of like pissing on someone's grave?

Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist's associate travel editor, and a pretty big fan of potty humor. Follow her @Sohostyle.