You'll Never Trust Baggage Handlers Again After Watching This Video

A baggage handler’s job sounds simple enough: load bags onto plane, unload bags off plane, repeat. But there are more hijinks going on behind the scenes. Some have fallen asleep in the cargo hold, others mistreated passengers’ bags, and others yet have been stealing from flyers. And no, those TSA-approved locks can't stop them.  

Workers at Miami International Airport were recently caught sifting through flyers’ bags, allegedly pocketing valuables in a plane's cargo hold. Miami-Dade police filmed the thieves on hidden cameras they’d installed on planes in a continuing effort to crack down on theft.

"We will continue to be proactive until we can see that the claims of pilfering through luggage will actually decrease,” police Lieutenant Pete Estis told CNN

Of the 25,016 claims of lost valuables in checked luggage between 2010 and 2014, Miami International Airport actually ranks as the fourth-worst airport in the country for reported stolen passenger property, with New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport snatching first place, Los Angeles International Airport claiming second place, and Orlando International Airport third. It's not just a Miami thing.

As CNN points out, 31 airport employees at MIA, including baggage and ramp workers, have been sacked since 2012 for robbing passengers. Six of those 31 were fired this year alone. MIA's Aviation Director Emilio T. González assured the news source the offending baggage mishandlers "have been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for their crimes." It’s unclear whether any of the theft victims have gotten their stuff back, however.

And remember: locks only keep out the honest TSA workers. Actually, that's not even true.