A Look Inside Dismaland, Banksy's Twisted Disneyland Parody

Published On 08/26/2015 Published On 08/26/2015

It's been a couple years since Banksy last made headlines, but the rogue artist is back once again, this time with something totally new: a temporary art project in the form of a theme park, intended as a parody/public skewering of Disneyland, popular culture, and the state of the world. It's called Dismaland, it opened this past weekend on August 21st, and as the trailer above shows, it's creepy in the best way possible.

The park, located in the English town of Weston-super-Mare, is chock full of fascinating/unsettling art installations, from a Cinderella/Princess Diana mashup to a cardboard security checkpoint, many of which aren't actually by Banksy himself: other participating artists include Damien Hearst, Bill Barminski, and Jeff Gillette.

If you're planning on paying the place a visit, you'll only have until September 27th to snag one of the 4,000 tickets daily tickets -- and, y'know, fly yourself to the UK -- before the park closes. Otherwise, check out some Instagram posts highlighting a few of the park's more striking features:


A little peek of @Banksy's #Dismaland in the #UK

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#banksy #dismaland

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Anyone for icecream? #dismaland

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