Battle zombies in an abandoned shopping mall

zombie shopping mall experience

In these times of unrest and uncertainty, one thing is for sure: the inevitable (let's not be naive here) zombie apocalypse. Helping you prepare are the peeps over at, who've bogarted an abandoned shopping mall just outside of London, and created a 3+hr simulation whereby you and 20 randos/friends will run amok with airsoft guns, blast brain-eaters, and strive to make it out with your team intact.

The zombies themselves are dressed surprisingly well, so as to not look suspicious around "livings". Tell-tale indicators, however, include extreme rot around the face and unintelligible moans while lunging at you and stuff.

The experience will be story-driven, and punctuated by run-and-gun battles w/ "movie-style special effects", although "ammunition will be limited, with only a few opportunities to refuel" you'll need to use your braaaains, too.

If you're all skeptical and whatnot about the mall -- watch this video and you'll see a glimpse of how legit the combat actually is.


The experience will last until the inevitable happens, and they demolish the mall... or the uprising begins!

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