Rent beachside villas from billionaires

beach tomato villas

Being loaded (or having a bunch of semi-loaded friends) is a tough gig, so the folks at Beach Tomato are making it easier for you to rent a huge holiday shack, thanks to their Villas service.

They've scoured the globe, and found the greatest lineup of ultra-lux, hot weather, beach-abutting properties they could, and broken them down into three categories

The first category sees places that can fit 10 or more people, and include the likes of this Villa Royale on the French Riviera, built in 1890 with 6 bedrooms and thankfully zero mimes spanning three stories.

The second tier is all about the beachfront, counting shore-lapping houses like this 4-bed Baccora, whose heated pool is totally necessary when you're on the scorchingly tropical Italian Amalfi coast.

The final category unveils a lineup of pool-heavy spots, including the Stanford House in Barbados, with this private infinity that looks out over the sealine, because what, are you going to walk all the way to the beach? Like a peasant?!

beach tomato villas
villa royale
the stanford house