Lightning bolt photobombs beach vacation selfie

It had been raining at the beach in Akumal, Mexico -- but Luis Morales Fukutake and his girlfriend geared up for a selfie to remember their vacation anyway. That is, until a huge bolt of lightning decided to interrupt the photo.

As reportedly captured on video by Fukutake's GoPro, a ball of fire landed in frame behind the couple, causing them to drop the camera and tumble over, though they weren't injured by the alleged strike.

"My girlfriend and I wanted to take a selfie, so we went to the shore of the (creek) to take it when the thunder struck", Fukutake told the Daily News. "I remember watching the reflection of it in my GoPro". 

A number of YouTube commenters have challenged the video's authenticity, calling it a "bullsh*t fake", while Jezebel also called Fukutake's GoPro shout-out into question. 

If true, the selfie strike on Thursday preceded another rare beach lightning strike by just a few days, as one man was killed and several others injured in California's Venice Beach on Sunday.