#RuinPorn, the latest Instagram travel trend

Sifting through the 7,000-plus examples of #RuinPorn on Instagram, you see the world's admiration for the beauty of decay. And while the trend of photographing abandoned stuff isn't new, the number of 'grammers sharing 'Ruin Porn' each day continues to grow. Here's how creepy, but alluring, photos of aging, man-made structures can be.

St. Bonaventure Church - Philadelphia, PA

SS United States - Philadelphia, PA

National Theatre - Detroit, MI

Michigan Central Station - Detroit, MI

The Heidelberg Project - Detroit, MI

Abandoned bath house - Location unknown, Europe

Abandoned mansion - Kentucky

Foosball Table - Detroit, MI

Streetcar - Philadelphia, PA

Bedroom of an abandoned house - Neunkirchen, Germany

State Asylum catacombs - Traverse City, MI

Amusement park in Tennessee

Abandoned church - Detroit, MI

Abandoned shack by the Starrucca Viaduct - Lanesboro, Pennsylvania

Ferris wheel - Chippewa Lake, Ohio

Brewster-Douglass Housing Projects - Detroit, MI