A two-story, floating sleep-spot in Central London

This pretty unique floating property is moored right in central London, across the bank from Victoria, making it walking/swimming distance to Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, the London eye, and Buckingham palace.The lounge has floor-to-ceiling windows, wooden floors, a huge sofa, and a cow-hide rug, just in case your feet get jealous of your leather-reclining ass. If you want to wok the boat (!), there's a full kitchen, plus a dining room table.Yes, this sucker has two stories, and what may or may not be a human head in a small cabinet. Upstairs, you'll find a huge double bed. Go further up, and you'll find that, despite being in the UK, there are solar panels on the roof somehow powering everything.They've also got a BBQ on the roof, enough space to dine on whatever you whip up, and even a second boat, so you probably won't have to swim to all those cool places.