Want to drink a beer... in OUTER SPACE?

What could possibly be better than taking a trip into space? How about taking a trip into space and cracking open an ice-cold beer while you're up there? Better, right? Well, thankfully, the mad geniuses at Thirsty Swagman (also mad purveyors of boozy tours around the world) have joined forces with Saber Astronautics and 4 Pines Brewing to make that beautiful dream a historic reality. Imagine you being one of the first people to booze in zero-G; it'll be one small sip for a man, one giant swig for mankind.

4 Pines Brewing Company

You'll be drinking Vostok, a traditional Irish stout (based off an award-winning 4 Pines brew) that's been created for consumption both on land AND in space. What's so unique about space beer? It has to be specially brewed with extra flavor, since your tongue swells slightly in space and reduces your sense of taste. They also dial back the carbonation in your beer to keep you from burping it up, which would happen if you tried to drink, say, a simple Natty Light in orbit.

Saber Astronautics

While the dudes at Thirsty Swagman are still ironing out the finer details of the actual spaceflight (you know, sifting through the regulations on beer consumption in space and all), they're setting up the next best thing in the meantime: for a cool $5k, you'll hop aboard a "vomit comet" aircraft (with a crew of up to 25 buds -- but absolutely no Bud Lights) for a sweet zero-G party.

In addition to acting out your favorite scenes from Gravity and/or Space Balls, you'll imbibe Vostok space beer using a specially-designed zero-G drinking tube that may or may not be connected to a specially-designed zero-G drinking funnel. We're not sure. Either way, parabolic flights are expected to commence early/mid 2015, and the only thing that appears to be missing is Kate Upton in a gold bikini.

Gianni Jaccoma is an editorial assistant for Thrillist Travel, and he thinks space beer's just the coolest thing ever. Follow him on Twitter at @gjaccoma.

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