The 13 American Beaches You Need to Hit This Summer

Published On 06/09/2017 Published On 06/09/2017
M otel 6, those legendary roadside purveyors of clean, comfortable rooms where Tom Bodett leaves the light on for you, conducted a survey this year that showed a full 25 million Americans have never seen the ocean. And in a country that borders three oceans -- with one state completely surrounded by ocean -- that’s just a sad stat. Even if you have seen the ocean before, likely you haven’t been to every inch of coastline this great nation provides. And summer is the perfect time to fix either of those situations.
Of course, once you’ve decided to visit a beach, the big question becomes where. The obvious choices like California, Florida, and Hawaii are always nice picks. But some unexpected destinations like Michigan and Delaware also pack some serious beachside punch. So no matter where you live, or where you’re going, here are the 13 beaches you should make a point to hit this summer.  
Huntington Beach Pier | Thomas J. Sebourn/Shutterstock
Surfside Beach | alexmillos/shutterstock
Waikiki Beach | Hiroshi H/Shutterstock
Loggerhead Turtle returning to the ocean on Juno Beach | Thomas Barrat/Shutterstock
Carolina Beach | Michael Neil Thomas/Shutterstock
Orange Beach Alabama | Flickr/John Malone
Myrtle Beach | Sean Pavone/Shutterstock
Siesta Key Beach | Flickr/Del Adams
Sleeping Bear Dunes | Alexey Stiop/shutterstock
Sweetheart Rock, Lanai, Hawaii | Jenna Szerlag/Perspectives/Getty Images
Asbury Park Boardwalk | Ritu Manoj Jethani/Shutterstock
Rehoboth Beach | George Sheldon/Shutterstock
Coney Island | Keep Smiling Photography/Shutterstock