The Best Clothing-Optional Resorts in the World

Caliente Caribe
Caliente Caribe
Caliente Caribe

When you hear the words “clothing-optional resort," one of two things comes to mind: a sun-soaked orgy that makes your spring break memories feel like a Young Life summer camp, or a pool surrounded by lumpy, weathered blobs that resemble the scrap room floor of a leather tannery. But truth be told, neither portrayal is all that accurate. And while the world has a lot of beautiful beach resorts where sunscreen's more important than pants, they -- like their naked guests -- come in all shapes and sizes.

Sure, you could take a vacation to some of the world's best nude beaches. Or some of the best nude beaches in the US and Europe. But for the full-on clothing-optional experience, resorts are the way to go. So whether you’re looking for something mostly clothed, always naked, (weirdly) family-friendly, or sex-charged, here are 14 clothing-optional resorts that set themselves apart.

?Tower Isle Ochos Rios
COUPLES<br />&nbsp;

Ochos Rios, Jamaica
Don’t think you’re gonna show up to the front desk at this 1950s Hollywood star hideaway in a sarong and flip-flops and strip the minute you throw down your credit card. Slow down. This resort is actually fully clothed everywhere… EXCEPT for Tower Isle, a small private island located a short boat ride from the main resort where nudity isn’t just optional, it’s required. So bring an extra bottle of SPF 45, 'cause there’s no chance to cover up once you step off the boat.

Desire Pearl
Desire Resorts

Cancun, Mexico
While visiting a clothing-optional resort by yourself is not exactly smiled upon (and kinda creepy, no?), this all-inclusive “lifestyle” resort in the Mexican Riviera won’t actually allow it -- rooms are reserved for couples only. And while the perfect white sand beaches, tropical setting, and themed events like “Lust Night” should help ignite a spark between you and your special lady friend, they also offer pole dancing lessons just in case.

THe Natural Curacao
The Natural Curaçao

The Roy Hobbs of clothing-optional resorts, The Natural is the only resort of its kind in the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao) and knocks the lights out by accepting pretty much anyone old enough to drive (in the U.S., at least): couples, singles, nudists, clothists (we just made that up) -- they're all welcome. The resort’s located in the hills above the beaches and you'll enjoy gorgeous views of the ocean whilst soaking in the sun (sans clothes) at the pool.

Hidden Beach Resort
Hidden Beach Resort

Riviera Maya, Mexico
They’re not lying when they say the beach is hidden; it sits at the edge of a mangrove jungle, and walls help protect guests' privacy. Which is a good thing, because you're expected to be be naked the whole time. Sanitation is maintained by perpetual towel service and public displays of “affection” are -- like those clothes -- strictly forbidden. There's also an awesome lazy river. Take a tour, right here.

Caliente Caribe
Caliente Caribe<br />&nbsp;

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
If interpreted the wrong way, whale watching at a nude resort sounds like one of the more nauseating things you could do on vacation. But from December through April, North Atlantic Humpback whales have their own version of spring break and migrate to the breeding grounds just off the coast of this clothing-optional, all-inclusive resort. So, regardless of how big the naked dude by the pool actually is, you'll still be spying marine mammals on your naked whale watch.

Heodnism II

Negril, Jamaica
You might be surprised to know that the world’s best-known swingers’ resort is actually NOT a 24hr orgy of people who never wear more than a thong. The nude side of the beach and pool are exactly that: fully nude, don't be a prude. But in the public areas -- the restaurant, the lobby, the courtyard -- you gotta make the effort to put on at least a little something. (Full-on pants seem unlikely.)

Then again, it’s also an all-inclusive resort (with a free-flowing bar) full people in “the lifestyle”, so what goes on in the co-ed steam rooms and nightclub is, well, probably a little more of what you had in mind. Just make sure you know what the rules are for swingers before you go.

Hawksbill Antigua
Rex Resorts

If you’re the kind of luxury traveler who owns but would rather not wear a pair of $300 swim trunks, this resort by British luxury luminaries Rex Resorts is your spot. In addition to beachside fine dining and four secluded beaches (including Antigua's only clothing optional patch of sand), there's even a three-bedroom, four-bathroom house you can rent if you want to keep your nudity away from the rest of the clothing-required resort.

Garden of Eden Panama

Isla Solarte, Panama 
The whole “Garden of Eden” thing isn’t just a reference to you walking around with only a fig leaf on. Nope, this remote resort in Bocas del Toro goes more all-natural than Adam and Eve by collecting rainwater and powering the joint with solar panels. So, if you’re planning your honeymoon, that means no A/C, no TV, and don’t even think about checking your email; if your idea of a vacation is going somewhere just to make your friends jealous on Instagram, look elsewhere. But if you want a vacation that goes au natural in every way possible, this is one of the best places on Earth.

La Jenny, page officielle
La Jenny, page officielle

Gironde, France
The Cote d’Argent (silver coast) in France is one of the most "naturist-friendly" parts of Europe. And of the four major resorts that populate the area, this 700-chalet village is by far the grandest. Decked out with a golf course, grocery store, kids club, archery center, and even horseback riding (ouch?), the resort provides a quintessential French coastal vacation without ever putting on clothes. La Jenny even has agreements with local food and craft purveyors to come onto resort property so you can shop local without ever getting dressed. It's not unusual to see guests biking for their morning baguettes in the buff, and unlike many clothing-optional resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico, children are totally welcome.  

Living Waters Spa - a Clothing-optional Mineral Water Resort
Living Waters Spa - a Clothing-optional Mineral Water Resort

Desert Hot Springs, California
The big draws here are the natural hot springs, whose pungent, mineral-filled waters are rejuvenating for both your soul and your skin. So the more of that skin you can expose, the better, right? That's the theory here where clothing is completely optional, a "European-style" spa resort where guests are encouraged to dip in the springs, sunbathe, and generally relax in the buff. It boasts an indoor lounge complete with a cozy fireplace, and daily seminars and classes to promote natural wellness. No need to worry about paparazzi snapping your picture and selling it to the tabloids, either: The entire resort is surrounded by walls of frosted glass.

Sunland Holiday Village
Sunland Holiday Village

Robe, Australia
For some, a dream vacation is a luxurious resort. For others, it may be lying around naked surrounded by sand dunes and kangaroos, on a stretch of unspoiled beach on the coast of Australia. If the latter option sounds like paradise, you won't find a better place than Sunland Village. This rustic camping resort on 100 hectares in South Australia has just under a mile of private oceanfront, where you can swim naked all day before retiring to your campsite at night. Kangaroos, wombats, emu, and echidna are regular visitors to the resort, so guests can commune with nature, au naturel. It also boasts a spa, sauna, kitchen, and clubhouse for when you want a small taste of civilization.

Caliente Resorts
Courtesy of Caliente Resorts

Land O' Lakes, Florida
Of COURSE America's preeminent clothing-optional resort would be in Florida. So if you're a Florida resident -- or just visiting -- and want to see what the nudist lifestyle is all about, there's nowhere better than Caliente. The sprawling resort clubhouse features a luxurious resort pool, where you can see the latest and greatest in body art and piercings, and enjoy buckets of beer while completely avoiding tan lines. The resort has plenty of hotel rooms, but also sits in a clothing-optional development where folks sit out on their sun porches and read the paper like any Florida retirees, just sans garments. Caliente also hosts the annual Caliente Bare Dare, a naked 5K race that can absolutely change your perspective of what it means to be naked.

temptation cancun resort
Courtesy of Temptation Cancun Resort

Cancun, Mexico
Though this self-described “adult playground” has been around for decades, it got a complete facelift in 2017, making it the most modern clothing-optional resort in the Caribbean, if not the world. The sleek seven-story tower was designed by Karim Rashid, with floor-to-ceiling windows in the rooms and curvy designs meant to be reminiscent of, well, curves. The rooftop lounge Sky 3.5 has the best views of the topless-optional beach, or opt for BASH, the resort’s club that brings in resident DJs and offers specials on Moët & Chandon. Finally, no trip to Temptation is complete without dinner at She, an aphrodisiac-inspired multi-course dining experience featuring stuff like duck wrapped in cinnamon and honey, and vanilla and cognac-scented blackberries.

grand lido
Courtesy of Grand Lido Negril/Avagy Lindsay

Negril, Jamaica
Luxury travelers like walking around with their clothes off just like the rest of us, and the fanciest place to do it is at the Grand Lido Negril. This ultra-secluded all-inclusive resort boasts 26 suites, each with a private butler and views of the ocean (some with swim-out pools). For those who want to venture out, the resort has an intimate clothing-optional pool, or guests have full access to the neighboring Royalton Negril (where, sadly, clothing is required). Grand Lido also offers fast tracking through the Montego Bay airport and a private airport lounge, so you can be in a relaxed state of mind when it’s time to go au naturel.

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