10 Countries Worth Ditching America For

Published On 09/24/2015 Published On 09/24/2015

Donald Trump notwithstanding, there are plenty of reasons to love America -- these exemplary mac & cheeses, for instance. Still, if you're dead-set on vacating the land of life, liberty, and the pursuit of mass quantities, some countries are more welcoming to expats than others, and you owe it to yourself to know the difference.

HSBC recently released its Expat Explorer Survey for 2015, which collected responses from 21,950 expats around the world in order to find the best overall countries for unsatisfied roamers/wanderers/nomads/vagabonds to relocate to. The survey weighed a variety of criteria, ranging from quality of life and culture to career progression and safety.

Singapore and New Zealand both tied for first place, with Singapore scoring highest in safety and finance, and the anti-Australia performing best in entrepreneurship, healthcare, and integration. Sweden rounded out the top three -- of course -- owing to its unparalleled job security and work/life balance.

If you're wondering where America fell in the top 10... well, short answer is, we didn't. We actually placed 16th (behind Russia, of all places), with our stellar career progression score being outweighed by dismal performance in categories like work/life balance, social life, and healthcare. Maybe don't move here, people of the world?

Check out the top 10 below:

9. Switzerland
9. United Arab Emirates
8. Taiwan
7. Australia
6. Canada
4. Germany
4. Bahrain
3. Sweden
1. New Zealand
1. Singapore

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