The Mexican-Style Grasshopper Tacos You Have to Try When You're in South Beach

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Get past the idea that you're dining on bugs, and you're in for a treat. Santana says moves like this set his South Beach taco joint apart. "I wanted to do something hyper-traditional, but also exotic, like you wouldn't find at your local taco shop," he says. "These might seem weird, but it's a pretty standard ingredient (in Mexico)."

The taco is crafted from hand-ground blue masa tortillas, made almost-to-order in Santana's tiny kitchen. They're then plastered with a layer of fresh guacamole. Once that's set, a chef throws some already-dead grasshoppers in a frying pan, tosses them on the tortilla, and tops it off with a dash of Tajin seasoning and some roasted cherry tomato sauce. The result tastes like smoky, salty rice crisps served on a bed of creamy guac. Just try not to think too hard about those little fibers that get stuck in your teeth. -- Matt Meltzer, Thrillist contributor

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