These Are the Best Places to Buy a Home in 2018

You got through 2017, so now you're ready for anything -- even home ownership. If that somehow seems like sound logic, make sure you heed a new study commissioned by Trulia about the 2018 US housing market. There's a lot to unpack, but the big takeaway is a ranking of the top 10 places poised for growth in 2018 -- i.e., places you'd be well served to own a home. Not all of these are going to sound like super-trendy places to move, but this is homeownership, not brunch.

The list was assembled based on five metrics: strong job growth, low vacancy rates (meaning housing supply isn't exceeding demand), starter-home affordability (so you can actually afford one), searches from other markets nationally (to make sure people want to move there), and share of the adult population under 35. So with those criteria in mind, here are your candidates:

10. Cincinnati, Ohio
9. Madison, Wisconsin 
8. Columbus, Ohio
7. Austin, Texas
6. Fort Worth, Texas
5. San Antonio, Texas
4. El Paso, Texas
3. Raleigh, North Carolina
2. Nashville, Tennessee 
1. Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids topped the list because of employment growth, low vacancy rate, and a lot of under-35 households. "Note that markets in the expensive West or Northeast fail to make our list," the report said, "primarily because of affordability (mostly in the West) and slower job growth (mostly in the Northeast)." Also noticeably absent are the coasts and larger cities, which makes sense because those tend to be pretty pricey. By region, it looks like the South and the Midwest are poised for a comeback.

At least the people there are supposed to be nice.

h/t Vogue

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