The Best Places to Visit on a Trip To Colorado

Published On 11/23/2019 Published On 11/23/2019
garden of the gods
Garden of the Gods is just one of many sights to see while you're here | John Hoffman/Shutterstock
Denver Union Station -- AKA, Denver's Living Room | Denver's Union Station
You won't find a better view than this | Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre
Spend some time and dollars at Pearl Street Mall | Arina P Habich/Shutterstock
Reach new heights at the highest paved road in North America | Missing35mm/E+/Getty Images
Check out some of the events happening in downtown Fort Collins | Downtown Fort Collins
All of the other mountains can go home. The Rockies have stolen the show | Brad McGinley Photography/Moment/Getty
This isn't your typical garden | By John Hoffman/Shutterstock
Like Maroon 5, but with more rock | Lasting Image by Pedro Lastra/Moment/Getty
If abandoned wooden shacks are your thing, you'll love Crystal Mill | Peter Kunasz/Shutterstock
You don't need an ocean to go surfing anymore | HELEN HRICHARDSON/MEDIANEWS GROUP/THE DENVER POST/GETTY IMAGES
Watch out for rattlesnakes if you hike the Monument Canyon trail | Zack Frank/Shutterstock
Talk about steep... | Alexey Kamenskiy/Shutterstock
Take a ride down Main Street in Telluride | Photography by Deb Snelson/Getty Images
Experience the rich history of Mesa Verde National Park | Connie Coleman/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty