The 14 Best Places to Eat in Rome

Published On 05/03/2016 Published On 05/03/2016
Armando al Pantheon
Roscioli Ristorante Salumeria
Gelateria Fatamorgana
Marzapane Roma
Il Margutta vegetarian food & art
Beppe e i suoi Formaggi
Hopside Roma
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1. Armando al Pantheon Salita de' Crescenzi 31, Roma, 00186

This historic, pint-sized restaurant in the heart of Rome serves classic fare like cacio e pepe and buffalo mozzarella. You'll be lucky to get a table, because it's always packed. Its charming digs and solid wine list make Armando al Pantheon a good spot for couples.

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2. Pasticceria Regoli Via dello Statuto, 60, Roma, 00185

A fabled pastry shop in Esquilino, Pasticceria Regoli serves gloriously oversize tarts, decorated cakes, and maritozzi, large sweetened buns piled high with whipped cream. Rich, creamy, and fruit-filled, these treats will hit the (sweet) spot. Browse the selections at their street-level storefront on the charming, cobblestoned Via dello Statuto.

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3. Coromandel Via di Monte Giordano, 60, Roma, 00186

Brunch in style at Coromandel, an adorable cafe and restaurant that looks like it popped straight out of a Wes Anderson movie with its quirky wallpapers, marble countertops, and lush dishes that may look too good to eat. Upscale takes on traditional American breakfast favorites like eggs benedict and pancakes (topped with chocolate gianduja, banana, and chopped almonds) are what's on the menu.

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4. Pizzarium Via della Meloria, 43, Roma, 00136

Whereas in New York is grabbing a slice is de rigueur, in Rome, pizza al taglio is considered a novelty. It's being embraced mroe by late-night diners in the city and local fave Pizzarium is its ground zero. But the pizza here isn't just your basic slice. Lauded by Anthony Bourdain, the rectangular pies here feature slow-roasted pork, octopus, or even pizza-lasagna mash-ups.

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5. Roscioli Via dei Giubbonari, 21, Rome, 00186

Owned and operated by a family that's been in the food business for four generations Roscioli is a deli, restaurant, and wine bar in Centro Storico that offers 300 types of cheese, 150 varieties of cold cuts, 2,800 wine labels. Snag an upstairs table here and settle in for a date-night feast. Split burrata with semi-dried tomatoes or vanilla-buttered anchovy bruschetta before moving on to the best carbonara in the city.

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6. Pastificio Via della croce 8, Roma,

A few minutes on foot from the Spanish Steps, this small neighborhood shop gives fast food a good name by serving freshly made pasta and a bit of wine for a whopping €4. Every day, Pastificio whips up two hot pasta dishes for the lunch and dinner crowds. Expect to see familiar pasta variations like pesto, carbonara, gnocchi, eggplant rigatoni, and tagliatelle with herbs and mushrooms.

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7. Fatamorgana Piazza Degli Zingari 5, Roma,

There’s no shortage of amazing gelato in the Italian capital, but Fatamorgana is the perfect twist of modern and old-school flavor. You’ve got all the classic sorbets here, but also unconventional homemade creations like carrot cake, Black Forest gateau, wasabi chocolate, banana-lime, chocolate-rosemary, basil, and coconut rum. Take a job up the Spanish Steps to burn it all off, and then repeat.

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8. Mordi & Vai 12 Via Beniamino Franklin, Roma, 00153

In the back corner of the Testaccio market, a butcher-turned-panini-master transforms simple sandwiches into an art form. Located in Rome's former slaughterhouse district, this unassuming counter-serve stand offers sandwiches that are heavy on the offal, and specialize in tripe and slow-stewed beef. But despite the popularity of meat-based sandwiches, one of the most acclaimed at Mordi & Vai is carciofi e pecorino, or artichokes and pecorino cheese.

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9. Marzapane Via Velletri 39, Roma, 00198

This upscale restaurant is unassuming, but does not mess around when it comes to perfectly plated dishes. Gorgeous risotto with candied ginger, sirloin with thistles, and chorizo sprinkled on sweetbread spaghetti will tempt you into taking selfies with your meal in no time. Be sure to try the tasting menu, which includes items like red prawn tartare, burrata cheese, smoked eggplant cream, candied tomatoes with mustard, and pistachio cookies.

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10. Il Margutta Via Margutta, 118, Roma, 00187

Nestled between galleries and workshops of the artsy and ivy-draped street of Via Margutta is this high-end restaurant, which serves vegetarian and vegan dishes exclusively. Alongside a number of delicious à la carte dinner items, Il Margutta also serves a popular brunch buffet, which offers hot and cold entrees and dessert.

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11. Trapizzino Testaccio via giovanni branca 88, Rome, 00153

Located in Ostiense, this late-night eatery is known for its trapizzino, the love child between a triangular tramezzino sandwich and pizza. This stuffed pocket of baked pizza dough is typically filled with Italian-inspired fillings, like slow-simmered meats and vegetables. Think of it as the best pizza/pita/meatball sub hybrid you'll ever eat.

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12. Beppe e i Suoi Formaggi Via di Santa Maria del Pianto 9, Roma, 00186

You'll know you're in the right place by the mouthwatering cheese smell outside this glorious, Centro Storico shop. Pick your wine, then ask the friendly guys behind the counter to surprise you with a range of stinky, sharp, soft, or aged cheeses from Northern Italy's Piedmont region. Beppe e i Suoi Formaggi also offers some excellent charcuterie, if you'd like to add some meat to your menu

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13. Hopside Via Francesco Negri, 39, Roma, 00154

It took Rome a while to figure out how to perfect a burger, but Hopside (in the increasingly trendy Ostiense neighborhood) finally nailed it. The build-your-own-burger model allows you to add as many toppings as you like to the savory patty. Plus, with a rotating selection of Italian craft beers on tap, you can always find the perfect brew to pair with your burger of choice.

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14. Pianostrada Vicolo del Cedro 26, Roma, 00153

After a bus ride or two, you may notice that personal space isn't really a thing in Rome. Embrace it, and squeeze yourself into Pianostrada: a small garage along a tiny backstreet that has been converted into a galley-style kitchen and dining area. Fresh pastas and panini are filled with seasonal ingredients like crispy artichoke hearts and squash blossoms.