Český Krumlov, Czech Republic: Where Renaissance, Gothic, and Baroque architecture collide. | Veronika Galkina/Shutterstock
Santa Maddalena, Italy is flanked by the Dolomites... the mountains, not the character | Gaspar Janos/Shutterstock
St Ives is home to some of the UK's most golden beaches | Dan Breckwoldt/Shutterstock
Go medieval AND chase waterfalls in Jajce. | Boris Stroujko/shutterstock
Tulum has grown in popularity, but its beauty hasn't diminished. | Patryk Kosmider/Shutterstock
Shirakawa-go is Japan's answer to an alpine village. | Sakarin Sawasdinaka/Shutterstock
Wanaka makes a strong case that Southern Alps > Swiss Alps. | skyearth/shutterstock
The secret is out on Ko Phi Phi... but it remains a must-see destination. | DMITRY RUKHLENKO/SHUTTERSTOCK
Paraty is an Atlantic paradise whose Old Town has zero cars. | Guaxinim/Shutterstock.com
Stepantsminda's back yard is the 16,560-foot Mount Kazbek. | eFesenko/shutterstock
Cefalu is a respite from the frenzied cities of Sicily. | Federico Scotto/moment/getty images
Hallstatt basically looks like stacks of old homes and mountains sitting on top of a mirror. | canadastock/shutterstock
Furnas in The Azores has the impossibly cool nickname “The Hydropolis of the World.” | Yulia_B/shutterstock
Germany has two Rothenburgs. This is the gorgeous medieval one. | LaMiaFotografia/shutterstock
Suzdal, Russia: Come for the cathedrals, stay for the mead. | Pavel Suhov/Shutterstock
Eze will forever render all other ocean vistas "meh." | Arthur R./Shutterstock
Port Douglas might be Australia's most perfect beach town. | Martin Valigursky/Shutterstock
Simiane-la-Rotonde is home to lavender fields and centuries-old castles. | StevanZZ/shutterstock
Rincón is Puerto Rico's surf capital. | Cole Saladino/Thrillist