This bike fits in your backpack

Because nobody respects the dude still skating to work on a Razor scooter, Kit Bike is a sexy new portable single-speed that breaks down and fits right into your favorite Eddie Bauer sailcloth messenger tote.

bike parts
Lucid Design

Winner of the 2014 Red Dot Award for design, this super-minimalist two-wheeler is comprised of 21 easy-to-assemble parts that twist and lock together.

Lucid Design

These easy-to-follow instructions show just how fast a faceless dude can assemble the bike. Now imagine how fast you'll be able to do it with eyes!

And because it can be built from one side (while leaned against a wall), the designers contend it's superior to similar-style folding bikes, which “tend to be complex in their engineering and construction”. Also they snap shut on your fingers.

Lucid Design

Why is it so easy? Well, the Kit Bike is made of interlocking hollow tubes connected by twist joints, which are secured with a specially designed key.

Lucid Design

The handlebars are cork. The frame is made out of lightweight aluminum with steel hubs. The seat's a supple Corinthian leather. Or, just regular leather. Although remember those Chrysler commercials:"Only the finest Corinthian leather". Hilarious. You know what's not hilarious, though -- a bike with no brakes. Yeah, TKB is sans brakes, so you're gonna need to stop Flintstone-style.

leather bag
Lucid Design

But after you do, and then slowly walk the Kit Bike to your desk while waiting for everybody to be, like, "Sick wheels, dude", you can store it in its own stylish three-pocket leather backpack. That you would then, of course, stash in the aforementioned sailcloth tote before going out for after-work for drinks.

Lucid Design 

Now that you're totally jazzed about TKB, we have some bad news -- it's still just a concept. That said, if you'd like to encourage the good folks at Lucid Design to start production, go here. Or, just sit back and enjoy this video.

Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist's associate travel editor, and would love to cut down on the three bikes occupying her living room. Follow her on Twitter @Sohostyle.