Watch Black Bears Chase Down Tourists in Yellowstone

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As many sons learned on Mother’s Day, there's nothing more dangerous than an angry mother. Tourists at Yellowstone National Park also learned this valuable lesson after crossing a momma black bear.
A video has emerged of a group of tourists engaged in a foot race with a family of black bears on a bridge in Yellowstone. The bear family, consisting of a mother and her three cubs, sounds cute in the Berenstain Bears way, until everyone on the bridge realized it was still a sleuth of bears. Momma was not wearing a polka dot dress and there were no fun brother/sister antics. Just terror.

Check out the video:

A voice that is thought to be Park Ranger John Kerr says, “Keep going! Go! Go!” Most of the tourists scattered back to their cars. But some couldn’t resist being stupid, and instead chose to Instagram the moment. You snap at your own risk, folks.
Luckily, no one was injured, and the three little bears wandered back home to the forest. Despite a nice ending to the incident, the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks organization has used the opportunity to remind tourists to always stay a safe distance from wildlife and of course, never, ever get between a mother and her cubs.

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